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Every month you will receive the treatment deciated to your nees at that moment in time. You have access to all my holistic therapies, healing, homeopathy, confidence coaching and of course support and accountability from me!

Facilitated by Jane Scanlan of Cherish, Transform, and Upgrade

Are you ready to get out of pain and de-stress?


You're in pain, stressed, feeling stuck, have brain fog, work/business/family life has totally taken over, and you feel you have no "me" time, you're feeling a little lost and you want to take control back 

You ABSOLUTELY KNOW you need to start giving back to you, to keep your cup filled up but right now you feel you no longer have a balanced life. You know what you're meant to be doing, and you're ready to get back in the driver’s seat of your life, and start to rebalance your life, get out of pain and de-stress step by step 

Fortunately, there's a simple, methodical membership available to you now, where you really can have it all! You might already know but I started this membership because I ended up spending an awful lot of money "fixing" myself, my body and mind would go into crisis and then I would have to do blocks of intensive treatments to fix the pain/ was only when I became consistent in my getting treatments on a monthly basis that the "crisis’s" stopped happened. This got me thinking, if we consistently put effort into our bodies, we would not only improve them, but we would maintain a level of resilience. As women, we are programmed to be resilient connect, adapt, and is a gift that flows beautifully when reignited and tapped into!  

My Get Out of Pain & De-Stress Membership is designed to help you get out of physical and emotional pain, and to alleviate the stress in your life! Step by Step, taking your time, upping your self-love, and self-care routine, and being consistent!  


I am NOT ok with you continuing on your current trajectory of being in pain, feeling stressed and being out of balance. I believe you have a birth given right to live a life you love, to be valued as your authentic self, to feel good within your body, and to be heard  

Read on and check out the schedule below for this programme...  


The Cherish, Transform and Upgrade method is grounded in proven holistic techniques and therapies. 

It is my core belief that we can heal ourselves and transform our lives when we get out of pain and de-stress our lives. You will be able to live a relaxed life you love, to be valued and seen as your true authentic self, to feel freedom in our body and mind! Step by Step we can do this together...

Want to join this epic tribe of women owning their lives? 

It's time to get out of pain and de-stress with Jane, I've added different levels of support and some one-time bonuses for signs ups this week!

Normal price should be: £60 pr hour treatment

Your price as little as: £20 per month (limited spaces)  


I used to hate my life, my choices, my habits and addictions, but it didn't stop me repeating all the bad stuff, creating continued chaos and feeling stuck in my life. But I just didn't know how to deal with stress, overwhelm and repeated negative patterns back then!  

When I hit 30 and looked around I didn't like much of my life, so I decided enough was enough and transformed my life in 2 job, a cancelled wedding, single by choice, enrolled in college, dropped the drainer friends, healthier lifestyle which resulted in a much happier Jane.  

How did I do this? Well I can tell you it wasn't through "will power", it was taking "inspired action" that was aligned to my soul! I went to holistic therapies, took natural remedies, started mediating and exercising, I did counselling, life coaching, confidence coaching, business and marketing coaching! You name it I tried it...I was on a soul mission to live a life I loved, and nothing was going to stop me! 

When I started my business, it made sense to help people learn how to deal with stress, pain, lack of confidence, low self-esteem and help them to transform their lives. So, I started to help clients to cherish, transform and upgrade their lives with my confidence coaching calls, guaranteed online programmes and added support and accountability.  

  Since that moment I have literally taught 1000s of clients how to deal with stress, get out of pain and live the life they deserve. I have moved over 100 miles to live a life I love by the sea and forest, I have become an Amazon best-selling Co Author in the self-help category and have won Business Awards  

It's time to Ge Out of Pain and De-Stress!

Introducing the Get Out of Pain & De-Stress Monthly Membership...

This is a monthly membership for people who are in pain, feeling stuck, overwhelmed and undervalued, they are struggling with tension in the body, a busy mind, and they want to feel calm, organised, relaxed and out of pain.

This membership is about getting out of pain, so you can start taking control of your life and start feeling relaxed! We will be clearing blocked negative energy, releasing tension, breaking down scare tissue, healing chakras and whatever else your body and mind require. Together will are stronger!

By the end of the first 3 months you will feel relaxed, calmer, have much reduced your pain levels, you will have realigned your energy and will be clearing space in your life for opportunities to flow in, you will have started to create some simple daily rituals that will keep you grounded and calm, with reduced stress and pain.

This is just the start... 

Cherish Transform Upgrade Success Stories

Holly Shawyer 

  I recently had my first hands on healing with Jane. It was Jane’s life coaching session - Healing and Guidance. Having felt really run down for some time Jane massively helped me not just deeply relax and replenish but the session gave me absolutely clarity. Since then I’ve felt so much better and I’ve been able to reset the button so I could tackle everything going forward with nothing but a positive attitude. I’ve also found Jane’s free films on You Tube massively beneficial. Thanks so much Jane, I’m so lucky that you are just round the corner in lovely Southbourne. I can’t wait for my next session xxx

Maddy Thrower 

I had a free massage with Jane today and my god was it relaxing! Very professional but welcoming and friendly at the same time. I am signing up for monthly treatments as also very affordable. Came away feeling very relaxed and positive. Thank you Jane! Xx

Sandra Russell Before I started to work with Jane I felt generally ok, I thought I was in a good place, but physical I wasn’t, work was really busy, I was stressed due to work overload and money worries, plus my energy didn’t feel right. I had no reservation to working with Jane; she is approachable, very knowledgeable, full of wisdom, easy going and has a non judgemental style and approach to everyone. I felt energised, ready to take on the world again and I was actually doing the things I knew I should but was procrastinating about before the course. The best thing I walked away with was good energy and I picked up different tools!

Here's a peek at the levels of support I can offer you...

PLATIUM MEMBERSHIP (2+ hrs a month £75 above)

  • 2x 1 hour treatment’s to reduce stiff muscles, relax and be more flexible
  • Self-help advice and stretching techniques at the end of each treatment
  • Newsletters for more in-depth health information 

WHO ARE YOU: You have daily aches, pains and stresses that require regular attention and/or you desire to be pampered and relax regularly.

SUCCESS STORY: I always walk out of my massage feeling on top of the world, I work hard and deserve a bit of Me Time! Alf, SE25

GOLD MEMBERSHIP (1hr a month £40)

  • 1 hour treatment’s to reduce stiff muscles, relax and be more flexible 
  • Self-help advice and stretching techniques at the end of each treatment 
  • Newsletters for more in-depth health information 

WHO ARE YOU: You have aches, pains and stresses in your life, you love massage and want to start giving back to yourself 

SUCCESS STORY: I saw a massive improvement in my muscles, I also felt de-stressed and ready to enjoy my weekend. Iffat, CR7  

SILVER MEMBERSHIP (30mins a month £20)

  • 30min treatment on affected area to reduce stiff muscles, relax and be more flexible 
  • Self-help advice and stretching techniques at the end of each treatment 
  • Newsletters for more in-depth health information 

WHO ARE YOU: You have the usual aches and pains, love massage and want to treat yourself 

SUCCESS STORY: All my Muscles, especially my back and legs feel relaxed and flexible. I enjoy my monthly treatment. Kelly, CR4  


Enrol today with my leap and the net will appear personal guarantee plus those added bonuses for the first 25 clients

Normal price: £60 per treatment 

Your price as little as: £20 per month (limited spaces)

The Get Out of Pain and De-Stress Membership Includes:

Access to all of my therapies

(Valued up to £90 a treatment)

You will receive access to all of my tool kit, some of which normally cost £90 per treatment, but to you they are all included in the price of your membership.  

Self Help Advice and Techniques

(Value £25 per treatment)

This is your space to get the help you require that is going to support you in between treatments.

Lifetime Access to the Client Only FB Group

(Value £100 per month)

To help you stay connected uplifted and in flow you're invited to a private member's FB Group. When you are supported by your fellow tribe members anything is possible.

Value: £215

**Plus these one time bonuses!**


Mini Gifts Throughout Your Membership

This is just my little way of giving back to you, saying thank you for being part of my membership and giving you that bit of extra love.

*Immediate Access*

This does not happen every month

Value: £5pm


x12 Confident Coaching Masterclasses

Each month you will receive a masterclass based round keeping clear, calm and confident. These are invaluable to keeping you on track, aligned and focused.

*Immediate Access*

Value: £55pm


Group Coaching Call Archive

Gain instant access to a back log of group coaching calls and LIVE trainings, watch transformations occur and learn from pervious members successes and challenges.

*Immediate Access*

Value: £55pm

That's a total value of £330pm

Your investment today?

as little as £20 pm

Bonuses only available for the first 25

More Success Stories...

Anne Bertreau's Success Story

I wanted to be more calm and with a more positive attitude as my life was very hectic before working with Jane. I wanted the opportunity for help but wasn't sure I'd have enough time.  

But Jane made it easy for me to follow her process, with a lot of support and personalised feedback. She has taught me to listen to my heart and now I feel much calmer and happier. 

Be one of our next success stories for just:

as little as £20 pm

Bonuses only available for the first 25

Introducing Your Facilitator:  

Jane Scanlan - Spiritual Guide and Confidence Coach  

"I love helping people that desire to transform their lives right now. After working with over hundreds clients just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated and sick of getting stuck when trying to transform your life.  

Together, on this one of a kind training we will work together in finally solving this problem and giving you a step by step system to ensure you get the transformation that you desire, quickly, easily and effortlessly.  

I cannot wait to see you on the training and showing you this step by step system to ensure you transform your life within 12 weeks."